Which car has the highest accident rate?

Topping the list of car models with the most accidents is the Scion FR-S, whose drivers report at-fault accidents 47 percent more often than the average motorist. The Scion FR-S and Kia Stinger have the highest rate of drivers who suffer accidents. These statistics were reported by insurance companies that recorded drivers who were at fault for crashes. In general, the cars involved in the deadliest accidents are the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ford F-150, both considered light pickup trucks.

We looked at accident rates due to speed and how many accidents occurred at intersections and on highways to determine which make and model of car has the most accidents. While SUVs have a fatal accident rate that is 34 percent lower than the overall average, compact and subcompact models tend to have the highest rates of fatal accidents within the segment. The rankings show which cars had the highest and lowest accident rate based on driving accident history. The research team analyzed the number of car owners with a previous fault accident against the total number of drivers for each model to determine the proportion of drivers with a recorded accident.

According to the NHTSA, four-door sedans and light vans are involved in the deadliest accidents year after year.