What happens when a trucker gets into an accident?

The company that owns the vehicle and employs the driver may be held liable for the driver's actions. A truck driver who is in a contract-based partnership with the truck owner will likely have his contract terminated after a serious accident for which he is found responsible. The accident must be reported to law enforcement, as well as to your employer immediately. If the truck accident is fatal, a drug test will be required right away.

Fines and penalties for truck drivers are much more serious, and if the truck driver violated any laws that led to the accident, he could be held liable if law enforcement deems it necessary. Yes, truck drivers can be fired for being in a single accident. However, that doesn't mean that truck drivers are fired always or necessarily when they are involved in accidents. When an accident occurs, the first step is to make sure everyone is safe.

You should call the authorities immediately to go to the accident. They can provide you with the emergency help you need and will protect you after the accident ends. You should understand basic first aid training and try not to move anyone unless there is a danger of fire or further injury if injured people stay where they are. You can use pressure to help stop bleeding.

Once the authorities arrive, you must allow them to take care of each patient's medical care. If you are found to be partially or fully at fault, you may receive fines as a result of your accident. It's important to remember that fines and license points tend to be more stringent for CDL holders than for those who drive a vehicle for personal use. This can be quite a lengthy process, especially if your employer or the other party involved in the accident decides to go to court for the accident.

A fatal large truck accident often triggers a personal injury lawsuit for wrongful death. In Pennsylvania, family members of a person who dies in a truck accident generally have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit for monetary damages provided that the death is the result of another person's “wrongful act or negligence” or unlawful violence or negligence. To obtain compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit arising out of a fatal truck accident, the grieving family's attorney must show that one or more individuals or entities have legal responsibility for the accident and the resulting death.